Johannus LiVE

JHN346_newsitemwebsite_liveThe Johannus LiVE is a self-contained home organ that offers the experience of playing some of the world’s most interesting pipe organs. It features:

  • 3-manuals (wood-core)
  • 50 stops with digital ink labels that are rewritten by the computer yet look like black ink on white paper, even with the power off
  • lighted wooden drawknobs with a single LED in each
  • 8 general pistons
  • historic organs fully sampled on USB drive available for purchase
  • authentic acoustic ambiance sampled from the actual spaces, with user-selectable listening positions
  • built-in LED music and pedal lighting
  • AGO pedalboard
  • The LiVE comes with two organ sample sets chosen by the customer. Currently available are organs from Utrecht (Netherlands), Dresden (Germany), Paris (France), Norden (Germany), Zwolle (Netherlands), Liverpool (UK)

Options: Sequencer pistons, toe studs, angled stop jambs