1926 Wangerin for Hauptwerk (V2)

Wangerin built organs similar in style and sound to E.M Skinner, Kimball and other builders of that era. They are colorful and warm, well-suited for orchestral and romantic music. In 1925, the Wangerin company built 3 organs for the Madison Masonic Temple (now referred to as the Madison Masonic Center) The main organ in the Auditorium is a 3-manual and Pedal with 5 divisions and about 40 ranks, the 2 Lodge organs are identical in stoplist with 2 manuals and pedal, 13 ranks. All 3 organs are in mostly original condition, but in varying states of disrepair. The Auditorium organ is about 70-80 percent functional, Lodge 2 organ is about 50 percent and Lodge 1 (while intact) is not playable at this time. Because of that, we have used stops from the Auditorium organ to recreate the Lodge organ. We have provided an extended version of the Auditorium organ, which adds a number of stops to give a bit more flexibility. All of these additions were done carefully, in the spirit of what was done on larger Wangerin organs of that time. If you are curious which stops were added, they are denoted on the stoplist by an asterisk * Do note that a portion of each sample set sale will go toward the organ restoration fund.

As of July 2015, we have released Version 2 of this set.  Noise reduction was redone with better, more precise tools, new Chimes and Harp were sampled, and the interface was updated to be more readable.

April 2016 we released the Wet version.  The wet version has been significantly voiced and edited in an attempt to restore the organ to like-new condition – we have fixed the bad notes and voicing problems caused over time by age and deterioration, and the note regulation has been overseen by a voicer from a pipe organ firm.  The dry version has had much less of this intervention, and more closely resembles the actual sound of the instrument as it is now.

Type: American early 20thC Romantic
Format: Hauptwerk version 4+
Recordings: 24 bit 48 kHz
Default Memory Requirements (Wet): 2.7 GB (16bit) 5.2 GB (24bit)
Default Memory Requirements (Dry): 1.6 GB (16bit) 3.3 GB (24bit)
Keyboards/Stops/: 3+1/45
Works with Free/trial edition?: Yes (partial load)
Stoplist: Click here
Demos (Wet)

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Dry Version | $59

Demos (Dry) Click here

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Before I started the recording process, I sat down and did a quick off-the-cuff improv to show what the organ sounds like in its current state:

Slide Show – venue, organ and chamber pictures

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Tour of the Chambers and Auditorium

Madison Masonic Center – Auditorium And Organ Chambers from Jonathan Orwig on Vimeo.