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Jonathan Orwig was born in Southern California, USA in 1964. His interest in music developed at an early age, as he started trying out sounds on the piano at age 4! After violin lessons and a short stint on the French Horn, he settled on the Organ as his instrument of choice. Jonathan received a Bachelor of Church Music degree from Arizona College of the Bible in May of 1994, and since 1990 has served a variety of churches as Organist, Minister of Music, Worship Leader Organist/Choirmaster. From December of 1998 to September of 2007 he served as Pastor of Worship for First Baptist Church of Riverside, California, where he directed the Choir and bell choir, played the organ, lead the Worship Team in the Contemporary service, and generally oversaw the worship and music. In October of 2007, Jonathan assumed the post of Director of Worship and Music at Asbury United Methodist Church in Madison, WI. Jonathan and Lindsay are slowly becoming acclimated to life in the midwest - you can read about their adventures on the family Blog "Left-Coasters in Dairyland".

Jonathan is married to the wonderful Lindsay, and in addition to music, he enjoys traveling, woodworking, tinkering with computers, reading and watching the antics of the two family cats, Callie (a calico, of course) and Zoe (a silver and white shorthair) and the newest member of the family, Bailey (a happy-go-lucky Golden Retriever)

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In addition to distributing music and producing samplesets for Hauptwerk, we also offer the following services:

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