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Fellow composers and publishers - Have a look!

    Crescendo Music Publications - Publishers of out of print and hard to find sheet music. Fellow reprint music maven Daniel Mitterdorfer runs this enterprise.
  • Dunstan House - Music of Dan Gawthrop. Dan writes in a fresh, engaging style - modern but not ugly. His music has been well-received by church and concert audiences.
  • Michel Edwards - Canadian composer. I've been a fan of Michel's music for almost 13 years now. He writes modern concert music that is tonally advanced but still listenable and with recognizable form. I consider Michel one of the young rising stars of this century - his craftsmanship and inspiration are among the best I've heard. Keep your eye on this fellow!
  • Dennis Janzer - Composer and organist. Dennis is also a fine composer, and has written much useful and beautiful music. I had the pleasure of meeting him in person at the 2008 AGO convention.
  • David Sosnowski - David writes some of the most brilliant music I've ever heard. His orchestration and mastery of form is amazing, and his music reflects a towering intellect, zany sense of humor and general all-around zest for life.
  • Whitco Press - Music of Richard White. Richard writes new music in a sort of neo-romantic style. His Preludes and Fugues for organ are wonderful, approachable works that deserve to be in the repertoire of more organists.

Music and Audio

Software tools I use and recommend

  • Hauptwerk - Makers of the unparalelled pipe organ emulation software "Hauptwerk". Now in its 3rd version, this software turns a properly equipped PC or Mac into a virtual organ. Indispensable for composing, it is also suitable for practice when connected to MIDI-enabled pedals and keyboard(s). In addition to the included Victorian English organ that is part of the set, further instruments are available from 3rd-party vendors. (links below)
  • Finale - This is the publishing program we use to typeset our scores. It has many revolutionary features, including a very realistic "Human Playback" feature that renders an appropriately marked score with expression.
  • Garritan - The Garritan Corporation produces affordable high-quality virtual instruments which can be used stand-alone or as a VST plug-in. Finale can use these instruments to produce a very realistic instrumental mock-up. (See the chamber and organ/orchestra music section of this site for examples)

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In addition to distributing music and producing samplesets for Hauptwerk, we also offer the following services:

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