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We are happy to consider submissions of your music. Please CONTACT US before sending any scores. Please note some suggestions and requirements below:

- Please do not submit a piece of music to more than one publisher at a time - it's rude and an industry no-no (and you could really make a bad name for yourself quickly - something you do NOT want!)

- We prefer submissions in Finale 2006 or 2008 format, although we can accept Overture or a PDF file.

- Please make sure if you are doing a hymn or chorale arrangement that the tune is in Public Domain. The same requirement applies for transcriptions or arrangements of other kinds - if you are using someone elses's music, make SURE it is legal.

- This one should be common sense, but just in case: If you are published by another publishing house make SURE your agreement with them legally allows you to submit music to another publisher or distributor.

- If we choose not to distribute your music, please do not take it personally - often it is not a reflection of the quality of your work, but simply that the piece does not fit well in our catalog or scheme of what we feel is our market niche.

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