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Brian Lamb

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Organ Symphony

This work is an Organ Symphony in 5 movements after the French style. Composed for the 40th anniversary of employment as a "Kerkmusicus" of Ludo Vugs a friend of the composer. The Symphony is built up entirely on two motives, first the name of the dedicatee (La Ut Do F Ut G Es/Ges) and an Indian raga (Lacchasack raga) which has a melody of 40 beats, one for each year of service to the church. The work lasts approximately 30 minutes.

  • 1st mvt. a Fantasia in Free Variation form without a "Theme" using the name melodically and harmonically
  • 2nd mvt. Adagio
  • 3rd mvt. Sortie in the style of Lefebure-Wély
  • 4th mvt. Aria on a Ground, the name theme is used harmonically as a ground bass with an independent melody which reverses at halfway in a mirror motion
  • 5th mvt. a Toccata in rondo form using both themes.


    1 - Variations

    2 - Adagio

    3 - Sortie

    4 - Aria

    5 - Toccata

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