1926 Wangerin mini-set (Lodge 2)

Wangerin built organs similar in style and sound to E.M SKinner, Kimball and other builders of that era. They are colorful and warm, well-suited for orchestral and romantic music. In 1925, the Wangerin company built 3 organs for the Madison Masonic Temple (now referred to as the Madison Masonic Center) The main organ in the Auditorium is a 3-manual and Pedal with 5 divisions and about 40 ranks, the 2 Lodge organs are identical in stoplist with 2 manuals and pedal, 13 ranks. All 3 organs are in mostly original condition, but in varying states of disrepair. The Auditorium organ is about 70-80 percent functional, Lodge 2 organ is about 50 percent and Lodge 1 (while intact) is not playable at this time. Because of that, we have used stops from the Auditorium organ to recreate the Lodge organ.

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Wangerin Mini-set (Lodge 2)

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Type: American early 20thC Romantic

Format: Hauptwerk version 4+

Recordings: 24 bit 48 kHz

Default Memory Requirements: 850 MB (16bit) 1.65 GB (24bit)

Keybords/Stops/ranks: 2+1/15/13

Works with Free/trial edition?: Yes

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Price: $50 US

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