Originally founded in 1994, Evensong Music started out as a way  to publish without the hassles of dealing with large publishing companies. Evensong distributes music for composers, but unlike a traditional publisher, we allow the composer to retain ownership of their music and we return one half of the net profit (what remains after printing costs) to the composer. We believe that composers should be able to have more say over what happens to their music!
Almost all of our organ publications have full-length audio demos available some have page previews, so you can both hear and see the music before purchasing.

In 2004, we released our first sample set for Hauptwerk, a 3m Schantz based largely on the instrument at First Baptist Riverside, CA (with a few extra ranks from other sources).  When the newer advanced version of Hauptwerk came out in 2006, we released an update. In 2012 we released the dry version of the Madison Masonic Center Wangerin, a revised version in 2015, and the Wet version in early 2016. In January of 2017, we released the 1983 Schantz III/50 from St. Philip’s ELCA in Fridley, Minnesota.

During all of these activities, Jonathan has continued to serve full-time as a church musician and composer. Click the preceding links if you want to read his resume or see a list of compositions. Enjoy your visit on the site!

Best Wishes,

Evensong Music
Jonathan Orwig, Founder and President